Data Center

Data Center Modeling and Simulation

  1. CloudSim
  2. GridSim
  3. SimGrid
  4. MDCSim: A Multi-tier Data Center Simulation Platform [PDF] [PPT]
  5. Optimized Data Centers Simulation
  6. DCSG Simulator Software Project
  7. An FPGA-based Simulator for Datacenter Networks
  8. Stochastic Queuing Simulation for Data Center Workloads
  9. Multithreaded Simulation to Increase Performance Modeling Throughput on Large Compute Grids
  10. Data Center Workload Monitoring, Analysis, and Emulation
  11. Electrical Efficiency Modeling for Data Centers
  12. Harvard datacenter modeling tool 

Data Center Design, Management and Implementation

  1. Microsoft: Physical Design and Architecture of the 'Cloud' - Datacenter Design
  2. BCS Data Centre Specialist Group
  3. An Instrumented Data Center Infrastructure for Research on Cross-Layer Autonomics
  4. Autonomic Power and Performance Management of Large-Scale Data Centers
  5. The Green and Virtual Data Center
  6. Grow a Greener Data Center
  7. Data center evolution: A tutorial on state of the art, issues, and challenges
  8. LBL:
  9. Autonomic Multi-Agent Management of Power and Performance in Data Centers [PDF]
  10. Data center observatory, CMU
  11. A Scalable, Commodity Data Center Network Architecture
  12. Partha Ranganathan [1][2], Hewlett-Packard
  13. Cisco Data center design guide
  14. Data Center Markup Language (DCML)
  15. Data Center Cost Model
    1. Data center TCO; a comparison of high-density and low-density spaces
    2. Cost Model for Planning, Development and Operation of a Data Center
  16. Data center observatory
  17. Data center optimization
    1. Sun
    2. Cisco
  18. Datacenter Design:
    1. Oxford data center design report
    2. Data center design guide
    3. Data Center as a Computer

Data Center Metrics and Benchmarking

  1. Best Practices and Benchmarks in the Data Center download:
  2. Data center optimization:
  3. LBL: Data center benchmarking
    1. Self-Benchmarking Guide for High-tech buildings: data centers [Link] [PDF]
    2. Self Benchmarking Guide for Data Center Energy Performance
    3. Data Centers and Energy Use – Let’s Look at the Data
    4. Best Practices for Data Centers: Lessons Learned from Benchmarking 22 Data Centers [pdfppt]
  4. EPA Data Center Efficiency Workshop SPEC Benchmarks
  5. Green 500 benchmark
  6. Four Metrics Define Data Center “Greenness”
  7. Data center metrics and standards
  8. Data center metrics summit
  9. Methods, Metrics and Motivation for a Green Computer Science Program
  10. Metrics and an API for Green Computing on the Cloud
  11. Green (low carbon) Data Center Blog Monitoring, Modeling, Memetics in the Green Data Center
  12. Applying Green Computing to clusters and the data center
  13. Metrics and measurement technologies for green communications
  14. Green Metrics: Measure By Measure
  15. Cisco Energy Efficient Data Center Solutions and Best Practices
  16. Re Engineering to a "Green" Data Center,  with Measurable ROI
  17. Turning Challenges into Opportunities in the Data Center
  18. Data Center Efficiency
  19. Data Center Standardization
  20. IBM posts first SPECpower benchmark score of more than 3,000 overall ssj_ops/watt
  21. Development of Energy Performance Benchmarks for Data Centers
  22. RampRate Benchmark & Strategic Guidance for SAMPLE CLIENT
  23. Energy-Aware Storage Benchmarks
  25. performance/watt the new server focus
  26. Data center efficiency glossary 
  27. High Performance Commercial Building Systems: Review of California and National Benchmarking Methods
  28. Thermal metrics
    1. RCI
    2. Return temperature Index 
    3. Capture index: an airflow-based rack cooling performance metric
    4. Airflow and cooling performance data centers: two performance metrics

Thermal Aware Data Center Research

  1. COST Action IC0804
  2. COOLEMALL Project
  3. Proactive thermal management in green datacenters
  4. Data center profiling tool
  5. ASHRAE Datacom Series
  6. ANCIS publications
  8. The State of Data Center Cooling: A review of current air and liquid cooling solutions.
  9. "Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments" of ASHRAE (2004)
  10. The Uptime Institute and the Thermal Management Consortium
  11. TC 9.9 of ASHRAEAmerican Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers)
  12. Electronics Cooling
  13. HP smart cooling 
  14. HP dynamic cooling system 
  15. ThermoStat: CHAM
  16. Data center observatory
  17. David Brooks
  18. Temperature-aware computer systems: Opportunities and challenges [PDF]
  19. DOE Data Center Air-Management (AM) Tool: Data Collection Guide
  20. Modeling of data center airflow and heat transfer: State of the art and future trends [PDF
  21. DOE Data Center Air-Management (AM) Tool: Data Collection Guide
  22. Chandrakant D. Patel
    1. Thermal Considerations in Cooling Large Scale High Compute Density Data Centers
    2. Thermo-Fluids Provisioning of a High Performance High Density Data Center
    3. A vision of energy aware computing from chips to data centers

Power  Aware Data Center Research

  1. Energy smart data center [Link]
  2. Data Center energy management
  3. Smart power management [1][2]
  4. HP:smart power management, white paper [PDF]
  5. Luiz André Barroso
  6. Riccardo Bianchini
  7. Dr. Xiaorui Wang: Power, thermal, and performance management for virtualized data centers [HPCA'08] [ISCA'09] [PACT'09] [RTSS'08] [IWQoS'09] [ICAC'07]
  8. No “Power” Struggles: Coordinated Multi-level Power Management for the Data Center
  9. Boosting Data Center Performance Through Non-Uniform Power Allocation
  10. Jeffrey Chase
  11. Energy-Aware Server Provisioning and Load Dispatching for Connection-Intensive Internet Services
  12. Power aware provisioning for a warehouse-sized computer
  13. VMware Green virtual infrastructure
  14. Operating Systems and Architectural Techniques for Power and Energy Conservation
  15. PSALM: Power Management for Data Centers

Data Center Web Information

  1. Data center journal
  2. Data center knowledge
  3. Datacenterpulse

Data Center Related Conference

  1. Computer Room Cooling Conference
  2. Data centre Dynamics series of conferences

Data Center Products

  1. data center CFD
  2. Coldfront software: thermal analysis and design to optimize
  3. Coldfront NODE temperature
  4. Coldfront tile
  5. Idea locations of the placement of sensors 
  6. Sensicast,
    • EMW Wireless Transceiver
    • Temperature, humidity, battery information
    • EMS Management Software
  7. Cisco Data center
  8. Liebert Corporation
    • a subsidiary of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) and a part of Emerson Network Power
    • precision air conditioner