Software Tools


  1. Various power, cooling, emmisions and device configuration tools and calculators
  2. Zerofootprint - Various "Green" and environmental related links and calculators
  3. Terra Pass Carbon Offset Credits - Website with CO2 calculators
  4. Cacti A tool that generates area/timing/power/leakage models for various cache configurations. 

Environment Sensor

Power Meters and Systems 

  1. 32 external devices with RS-485, 4 analog input 
  3. General Electric 
  4. Siemens 
  5. Square D 
  6. Electro Industries-  meters plus comprehensive communication box and software 
  7. Obvius

Wireless Power Meter 

  1. Quatech Transmitter and Signal Conditioners 
  2. Inovonics Receiver and Translator 
  4. Wireless sensors for building monitoring and diagnoses of PNNL