Computer Systems


  1. Less Watts
  2. PowerTop project
  3. ACPI - Advanced Configuration & Power Interface
  4. IPMI - Intelligent Platform Management Interface
  5. GNU gprof
  6. Google Releases API for Energy Tool PowerMeter
  7. data center profiling tool
  8. Wattch Commonly used tool for estimating the dynamic power consumption of a processor. [Paper]
  9. SimpleScalar Suite of simulators for processors.

Computer architecture and embedded system

  1. Power-aware Parallel Architectures at M3 Architecture Research Group at Connell Univ. 
  2. Power-Aware Compilation
  3. Computer fan control
  4. CSL at PSU
  5. Prof. Dr. Frank Bellosa
  6. David Brooks, Harvard University
  7. Compiler support for power aware computing [1] [2]
  8. Trimaran, An Infrastructure for Research in Backend Compilation and Architecture Exploration. 
  9. Impact Group at UIUC
  10. SeeLab at UCSD
  11. Operating Systems and Architectural Techniques for  Power and Energy Conservation
  12. Compiler Optimizations for Power Aware Computing at Gatech
  13. Low energy sustainable system at Southampton Univ., UK.
  14. CAPS at Binhamton
  15. Flavius Gruian, Power aware scheduling:
  16. Christopher Charles Stewart
  17. COPPER: compiler controlled power management
  18. JouleSort is a system-level benchmark for energy efficiency 
  19. UCI, power aware computing and communication 
  20. UMass
  21. Prof. Rami Melhem, Pitt Univ.
  22. Eun Jung (EJ) Kim from TAMU:

Metrics and Benchmark

  1. GCPI: Green Computing Performance Index
  2. The SPECpower Benchmarks [paper]
  3. JouleSort is a system-level benchmark for energy efficiency [Web site][Ph.D.][paper 1][paper 2]