Virtual Machine

  1. pMapper: Power and Migration Cost Aware Application Placement in Virtualized Systems [PDF]
  2. Power aware scheduling algorithm for DVFS clusters.  [PDF]
  3. VPM tokens: virtual machine-aware power budgeting in datacenters [PDF]
  4. Energy Aware Consolidation for Cloud Computing
  5. Karlsruhe Group
  6. Energy Efficiency in Virtualized Environment group at UCSD
  7. Energy-Aware Microprocessor Synchronization: Transactional Memory vs. Locks
  8. Conserving disk energy in virtual machine based environments by amplifying bursts
  9. Energy Efficient Resource Management in Virtualized Cloud Data Centers
  10. M-Channels and M-Brokers: Coordinated Management in Virtualized Systems
  11. Mechanisms for coordinated power management with application to cooperative distributed systems, Ripal Nathuj, Ph.D. thesis, Georgia Tech. 
  12. VIRTUAL GREEN COMPUTING - Assessment of the potential for virtual computing environments to supply a responsive and environmentally responsible alternative client computing environment